New Dimension AFC program is a state-funded program that transforms the life of the clients and caregivers. Our program allow seniors and persons with disabilities who need assistance with personal care tasks to remain in a home and in the community with a qualified and approved caregiver.

The services our program provide are:

  • Monitoring of clients in a qualify settings to avoid clinical complications and provide support/education for caregivers.
  • Monthly and as needed visit by our clinical team comprising of a Register Nurse and Case Manager.
  • Continuing education for caregivers and family members by our clinical and support staff yearly. Include but not limit to basic First Aide and CPR Training.
  • Our case manager work closely with community based organization-making referral for a clients as needed.
  • Caregivers Tax free stipend for providing daily care to the clients who requires supervision or physical assistance.

Caregivers Qualifications:

People over 18 years of age, without history of drug abuse, alcohol and / or criminal behavior, that possess physical facilities at home to receive the client, receiving some kind of income, has an acceptable physical condition, and is certified by their family doctor.

Genuine desire for commitment, responsibility and humanism.                                                   

Clients Qualifications:
Live with the Caregiver
Approve from the Primary Doctor
Physical or Mental Disabilities

Insurance we accept:
Boston Medical Center (BMC)
Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA)
Senior Whole Health
Private Care